ASN Basics – the Alternative for Taking the BSN

August 14, 2013

Individuals who are interested in becoming a Registered nurse by taking the ASN basics must first have to lean the key ideas with in this program. Let’s begin by describing the course. ASN or Associate of Science in Nursing is a nursing program that can be taken in nursing schools and universities. Vocational and other educational institutions also offer this program.
The Associate of Science in nursing program is a two-year nursing program that helps the students get ready for becoming a registered nurse. ASN students learn almost similar topics as LPN students but with extra emphasis on everyday tasks. Most students take the ASN basics because of the duration of the program which is only two years then they will be qualified to take the NCLEX-RN exam and become registered nurses. With the ASN program, students will be able to find jobs and work sooner.
In these economically difficult times, more individuals find it hard to afford and take the four-year BSN program. Being the best alternative, getting an associate of science in nursing program allows individuals to engage in their wish of becoming a nurse without over spending. Time is precious so individuals want to achieve their objectives early. Most nursing students take the ASN basics program as their stepping stone into a better nursing career. Since there a lot of students who cannot afford the BSN program yet, they first take the ASN and once they already work as registered nurse and able to receive salaries already, they enroll into BSN programs in order for them to advance in their careers and further their studies. Most ASN degree holders take the RN to BSN programs on their days off and vacant times. This would be good for RNs who have ASN degrees because in the current times, more and more hospitals are requiring their employees who have BSN degree.


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